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Full Assortment Sample Pack - 11 Piece Set


Full Assortment Sample Pack - 11 Piece Set


This pack includes a full set of samples of all standard thicknesses and our popular Kevlar hybrids. This set will provide you with the full array of all our standard carbon fiber thicknesses and finishes, as well as color options. All samples are 4"x4. 

Here's what you'll receive:

Carbon Fiber

3 Veneers: .25mm gloss, .5mm gloss, .5mm satin finish

2 Medium Thickness: 1.0mm gloss, 1.3mm gloss

3 Structural Samples: 1.7mm matte, 2.4mm matte, 3.1mm semi-gloss finish

Colored Hybrids

2 Kevlar/Carbon Fiber Veneers - red and blue (in .25mm or .5mm depending on availablity)

1 Silver Veneer - Barracuda, a silver aluminized glass (in .3mm or .6mm depending on availability)


All our carbon fiber sheets are made entirely from 3k or 6k 2x2 twill weave carbon fiber. They have a textured finish on the back for easy bonding to any surface.

Interested in other colors? Check out our Colored Sheets where you can purchase 4"x4" samples of any color we supply.


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